Monday, November 27, 2006

The top 10 sites for men by Yahoo

The list covers just about everything of interest to the average man, from cars to bars and all points in-between, and the only criteria we've used is this: if it made us laugh, cry, rub our whiskery chins in thoughtful contemplation, drool or point out stuff to the bloke sitting next to us - without the involvement of naked women (you can find them for themselves) - it had a decent shot at making the list.

Site: Jerry Time
Jerry is a bit overweight, a bit of a loner, a bit of a loser. Watch Jerry’s unremarkable progress down the path of life here, and realise with horror that there’s a little bit of dour, crumpled Jerry in us all.


Site: 80s Nostalgia
Ah, the 80s. Jumpers for goalposts. ZX Spectrums. The Rubik's Cube. A site which proves that just about anything can be cool after 20 years. Even Knight Rider.


Site: Drinking Gadgets
Everything you need to turn your living room into a pub, and thus rid yourself of the last remaining reason to leave the house. Favourite gadget: The Thirst Aid Helmet.


Site: MG Cars
Car porn for all of us who dream of owning a top-spec MG, but can't see how to get a child seat and the weekly Tesco shop in the back.


Site: 50 Greatest Gadgets
A fine site for gadget fans, if only for proof that what seems cool and cutting edge now will soon look clunky and rubbish. Apart from Speak and Spell, of course. That will always be ace.


Site: Tube Tales
Everything you wanted to know about the Tube, including hilarious driver's announcements. Sample: 'Go on then, stuff yourselves in like sardines, see if I care, I'm going home.'


Site: Curry Wonderland
A Mecca for Madras. A bible for bhajis. So many curry-related recipes, restaurants, facts and figures - you can almost taste the chilli.


Site: The Pub Landlord
The home page of Britain's greatest bar room bigot features a duke box that only plays Queen songs and a really bad video game. Like a slow Tuesday afternoon in your dad's local.


Site: Lovely Lovely Sweets
Midget Gems. Sweet Tobacco. Cherry Lips. A celebration of half-remembered sugary snacks that goes a long way to explaining why you had all those fillings as a teenager.


Site: Best Bars
A stylish and exhaustively researched celebration of the world's best bars, from Melbourne to Manchester. Reviews can be harsh: 'Full of losers with sunbed tans.' Ouch.

Original rating from Yahoo


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